GCSE Target Grade:
All of our students at Magna Academy will be set a FFT5 aspirational target for their GCSEs and vocational courses. These targets are shown on their reports throughout Key Stage 4. It is a highly aspirational target, derived by the Fischer Family Trust, which uses national statistical data. These targets equate to a student making exceptional progress, placing them nationally within the top five percentile for progress, compared to children with the same Key Stage 2 SATs outcomes.

Mock Exam Grade:
The level of attainment that the student achieved in their most recent mock examinations. This is represented as a GCSE or Vocational (e.g. BTEC/RSL) fine grade.

Fine Grade
Fine Grade
7+ D+ Almost working at the grade above
7 D Secure at this grade
7- D- Insecure at this grade


Explanation of GCSE and Vocational (e.g. BTEC/RSL) Level 2 grading:

GCSE Vocational (e.g. Btec) Old GCSE Equivalent
Grade 8 Level 2 Distinction* (L2D*) A*
Grade 7 Level 2 Distinction (L2D) A
Grade 6 Level 2 Merit (L2M) B
Grade 5 B/C
Grade 4 Level 2 Pass (L2P) C
Grade 3 Level 1 Distinction (L1D) D/E
Grade 2 Level 1 Merit (L1M) F
Grade 1 Level 1 Pass (L1P) G
U U Unclassified


Most Likely Outcome:
For Key Stage 4, students will also be given a ‘Most Likely Outcome’ on their report, for each of their GCSE subjects. This will be based upon their attainment during each of the mock examination series. This is an estimate, mapped against our internal data from previous Magna Academy cohorts. The ‘Most Likely Outcome’ grade will be derived from what the majority of our students went on to achieve at the end of Year 11, from this point in time.

For example;
The majority of students, who achieved a grade 3 in their Year 10 English AP1, went on to achieve a grade 5 in their final English GCSE examinations. Therefore, at this moment in time, this students ‘Most Likely Outcome’ is a grade 5 for the end of their GCSE course.

It is possible that the ‘Most Likely Outcome’ could change after each mock examination series, as it will be dependent upon student performance at that moment in time.

All Key Stages

Other factors:
In addition to a student’s attainment, the following areas use the scale of Excellent, Good, Satisfactory & Unsatisfactory to measure:

Attitude to Learning This looks at a student’s work ethic, approach and engagement in their learning.
Behaviour This looks at how well a student is conducting themself.
Homework completion and quality This considers all of the work that has been submitted, the standard that is being produced and wider reading.
Personal Organisation This is a judgement on how well prepared a student is for learning, the smartness of their uniform/appearance, having the correct equipment and their punctuality to lessons.
Attendance Percentage of student’s authorised attendance.
Positive Behaviour Points The number of positive points awarded by staff and where they are against the year group average.
Negative Behaviour Points The number of negative points awarded by staff and where they are against the eyar group average.


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