As a department, we are committed to developing everyone’s artistic ability and showing them how art relates to the wider world around them. Our vision is for all of our artists to leave Magna feeling inspired, confident and prepared for continuing their creative journey beyond academy life.


At Magna Academy, we intend for our students to develop their practical skills and to learn how to analyse and visually respond to the work of other artists. It is our intent for students to develop their art knowledge and their understanding of different cultures and perspectives. Students will explore issues that affect them by producing personal responses to themes that embrace self-expression through individual and collaborative outcomes. They will have the opportunity to experiment with materials, refine processes and create dynamic artwork.


At KS3 our students embark on an exciting drawing, painting and 3D course where core skills are learned from colour theory to drawing and painting techniques. Year 7 and 8 will experience ATL (Applied Transdisciplinary Learning) where the lessons are structured like workshops. Students have the opportunity to learn Power Skills from high quality demonstrations of practical skills, alongside expert guidance from the art teachers. Much like learning a musical instrument, drawing and painting require repetitive and diligent practice and so we aim to make that experience enjoyable and inspirational. We also encourage students to regularly draw at home and attend the additional KS3 art club run by our experienced Art Technician.

At GCSE level, our students have the option to choose a GCSE in Art & Design or Photography. Art is a very diverse area of study which is a critical part of their wholesome education. Students learn how to observe in detail, to understand visual communication and most importantly, how to translate their creativity and inspiration into visual form. The study of Art is truly rewarding, it provides an excellent platform for expression, freedom of ideas and concepts and the ability to explore a wide variety of high-quality materials. Our GCSE Photography course allows students to develop a creative portfolio by exploring digital and film photography. Students will learn digital manipulation, film development and darkroom skills as well studying the work of key photographers. They will have the opportunity to experiment with materials, refine processes and create dynamic outcomes. Both courses encourage students to take risks.

There are two main projects in a year that follow inspirational themes and result in personal outcomes based on areas of specific interest. There are four areas of assessment in each project which make up both GCSE courses: The development of ideas, the refinement of work and exploration of materials, skill in recording and the presentation of work.

At KS5, students can choose Art or Photography. Students will build on the skills and knowledge gained at GCSE and investigate their own personal theme, exploring genre, processes, techniques and materials through thorough contextual analysis and experimentation. Students will also produce a written essay accompanying their practical work.

Art & Photography curriculum overview
Art and Design age related expectations
assessment journeys: ♦ Art and Design ♦ Photography 



Students studying Art and Photography at Magna Academy, can go on to further study Art and Photography at A level and progress to a degree within the Visual Arts.

Art and Design is responsible for a huge part of our economic and cultural output in the UK, industries such as:  Architecture • Fashion • Interior Design • Digital Graphics • Advertising • Curation • Product Design • Commercial Galleries
These are just some of the very many that drive our nation forward in being one of the most successful in these areas.

Photography can lead to career paths such as:
Photography • Directing • Graphic Designing • Visual Merchandising • Film Production • Cinematographer • Advertising • Animation.

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