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Welcome to the Magna Academy website.

Magna is a secondary school in Poole, Dorset, that has served students aged 11-18 and their families since we first opened in September 2013.

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At Magna, we take great pride in being a responsible and encouraging member of the local corporate community.

We want to help our students realise their full potential and, in doing so, enrich the local community. We want our students and staff to be role models in that community and we love to receive testimonials both local and from further afield that affirm the work we are doing here.

And we like feedback. Particularly here on this website. Managing a website primarily for the benefit of it's users means always keeping an ear close to the ground about what we do well and what we do less well. More than anything, we'd like to know what's not here on the website that you would like to see added.

All you have to do to let us know is email us using this link.

Thank you for supporting Magna Academy. It means a great deal to us to have you along for the journey.


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Our Academy CV

Every year, Magna Academy - like all other secondary schools in England - applies for the job of teaching your children. Whether that's a transfer from Year 6 to Year 7 or an in-Year transfer, we are hoping that you will pick us for that vitally important job. 

We think we have a pretty good CV and we have published the headline facts below. When choosing a school for your child, please make sure you check out the CVs of all the schools you are considering. We would love you to choose Magna, but we also hope the choice you make is the right fit for your child's individual needs.

Ofsted_Outstanding_OP_Colour National Teaching School Logo National Support School Logo Ofsted_Outstanding_OP_Colour
June 2015 Autumn 2016 Autumn 2016 December 2018


An experienced and dedicated academy, proficient in effectively delivering a full range of services within a demanding education sector. Results-oriented self-starter, widely recognised for inspiring a strong 'work hard, be kind' ethic. Consistently encourages students and staff to discover and articulate the very best in their work.

It is dedicated to its mission to 'improve life chances for all students'.



Launched as Magna Academy, taking on students from struggling antecedent school.


Rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in June.


Designated prestigious NTS and NSS status by the Department for Education.


Progress 8 results announced by Government, placing students' performance in Top 5% of all schools in England.


Progress 8 results announced by Government, placing students' performance in Top 1% of all schools in England.


Rated again as Outstanding by Ofsted in December.


Progress 8 results announced by Government, again placing students' performance in Top 1% of all schools in England and moving the academy up to 16th place nationally.


A full set of references is available here: Magna Testimonials