2023: may

26 May Principal’s letter May 2023 Ms Ullah
25 May Macbeth Shakespeare Globe Mrs Chivers
11 May Parents’ Forum – 18th May Mrs Stafford
10 May Road Travel Safety Mr Clark
9 May Y7 2023 Durdle Door trip letter Mr Hesketh
9 May Y12 2023 London and Dorset trip letter Mr Hesketh
9 May Y10 2023 London Travel and tourism trip Mr Hesketh

2023: april

28 April Year 11 Exams Study Stay and RA Expectations Mr Buller
28 April Year 11 Prom Mrs Huggett
28 April Executive Principal Letter Ms Ullah
26 April AV1 Letter to Parents Mrs Biddle
25 April Strike Day Remote Learning April 27th
20 April Strike Days April and May Ms Ullah

2023: March

31 March Uniform & Equipment Reminder April 2023 Heads of Houses
28 March Tassomai homework – science Mrs Bleeze
Year 11 Final Summer Exams Guide to Effective Revision 2023
Sixth Form Final Summer Exams Guide to Effective Revision 2023
24 March Year 11 AP2 Report Letter Mr Buller
24 March Year 13 AP2 Report Letter Mr Buller
23 March Easter RA Sessions Mr Buller
13 March 15 and 16 March Strike Days Ms Ullah
Magna Academy Courtesy letter to parents for second dose HPV DHC
Magna Academy HPV Year 9_10_11 Letter Dose 1 DHC
6 March Wear Something Red 2023 Mr Ginger
3 March Sixth Form Hoodies Mrs Biddle

2023: february

28 February Sixth Form Futures Action Plan Mrs Stafford
27 February Year 9 AP1 Reports Mr Buller
27 February Speakers for Schools Mrs Stafford
24 February Year 9 Options Process Miss Ridge
24 February Principal’s letter February 2023 Ms Ullah
24 February Readathon 2023
24 February Strike Day 2nd March Ms Ullah
9 February World Book Day 2023 Mrs Spencer
3 February Year 12 AP1 Mr Buller

2023: january

31 January Strike action update Ms Ullah
27 January 1st February strike day action Ms Ullah
27 January Personal Development Unit 4 Mrs Stafford
26 January Year 10 AP1 Mr Buller
25 January Movie Night Ms Munro
25 January Sixth Form Dress Code Mrs Biddle
25 January Tutor changes Mrs Huggett
20 January Paris Trip Information Session Mrs Harding
16 January Science Raising Achievement Mrs Bleeze
6 January Y11 Visit to Bournemouth University Mrs Stafford
6 January KS5 Raising Attainment Plan Mrs Biddle
4 January Personal Development Curriculum Unit 3 Mrs Stafford

2022: december

16 December Top tips for parents (Sparx Maths Homework)
16 December Sparks Holiday Activity Mr Clark
16 December Sparx Maths Update Mr Stoddart
15 December Year 7 AP1 report and parents’ evening Mr Buller
15 December Year 8 AP1 report and parents’ evening Mr Buller
14 December Y13 RA sessions Mrs Biddle
14 December Y11 RA Programme Mr Buller
12 December Examinations, January 2023 Mrs Ellaway
12 December New tutor introduction Miss Ridge
9 December Principal’s letter December 2022 Ms Ullah
8 December Advice on infections Ms Ullah
1 December Year 10 Work Experience Mrs Stafford
1 December Year 12 Work Experience Mrs Stafford

2022: november

30 November Ski Trip 2024 Mrs Huggett
28 November SIMS Parent App Mr Clark
24 November Year 11 AP1 Mr Buller
24 November Year 13 AP1 Mr Buller
18 November Principal’s letter  Ms Ullah
17 November Parent Governor Nomination Letter 2022 John Reece
16 November Festive Friday 2022 PTFA
14 November Year 10 Christmas Cakes Miss Veale
10 November Anti Bullying Week 2022 Mrs Caples
10 November Year 7 Disco Ms Munro
2 November Personal Development Curriculum Unit 2 Mrs Stafford
1 November Letter To Parents for Biostore Mr Eldridge

2022: October

31 October RA Sessions for resitting Enterprise exams Mrs Halls
21 October Year 11 Revision Resources Mr Buller
20 October Year 7 AP0 Report Letter Mr Buller
14 October Tassomai Letter YR 7 – 11 Mrs Bleeze
11 October IRIS Connect Y7 Mrs Needham
6 October Silver Duke of Edinburgh Mrs Gibbard
6 October Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Mrs Gibbard
4 October Y11 Geography trip – Swanage Mr Selway
4 October World Mental Health Day Workshop Gareth Williams
3 October Year 12 AP0 Report Letter Mr Buller/Mrs Biddle

2022: September

28 September Parents Forum and PTFA Mrs Stafford
27 September Year 11/13 Raising Achievement Evening Mr Buller
22 September Stand Up Conference 2022 Mrs Stafford
21 September SPARX Maths Homework Mrs Kainth
13 September Autumn Enrichment 2022 Mr Clark
13 September State Funeral – Bank Holiday Ms Ullah
13 September Instrumental lessons September 2022 Mrs Giles
9 September Y12 Meet the Tutor Evening Mrs Biddle
9 September Principal’s letter  Ms Ullah
September Changemakers Project Gareth Williams
8 September Personal Development Curriculum Years 7-13 Mrs Stafford
5 September Year 7 Induction and Expectations Mr Buller

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