Katie Stafford
Assistant Principal, Futures and Community


Welcome to Futures.

I am proud to share with you a Magna Academy initiative called Futures Online. This concept was tentatively launched in Autumn 2020 with a letter to parents, followed by our first Futures Newsletter.

I now want to properly share Futures Online with all of you and our students.


As teachers know, the very best futures-focused education involves students being able to learn from employers, academics and admission tutors about their jobs, courses and different pathways.

Currently, the Coronavirus pandemic means that we cannot invite people in to the Academy. But, ever resourceful, we have ensured instead that the provision has gone online. In fact, a positive development from lockdown is the number of videos and live events that employers, universities and other providers are offering towards Futures education.

Magna Futures Online will recommend opportunities to students and will provide them with the links to easily access these events.

We hope you like it and that your children find it empowering in considering all the available pathways open to them.




I would like first to introduce you to CareerPilot, a fantastic resource providing information to help parents, carers and students in making the right decisions about study and work.


If you are 11—19 and living in the South of England, CareerPilot has all of the information you need to help you plan your future study and work. Find out about and look at:

  • Your choices at 14, 16 and 18
  •  Different job sectors and what they are looking for
  • Information on routes to different qualifications including apprenticeships and university level study
  • Your skills and how to use them
  • Online careers sessions and stories

Get all of the information you need to help you plan your future study and work in one place!



Get the information you need to help your child make the right choices at 14, 16 and 18 through the CareerPilot website – aimed at young people, and the Parent Zone – aimed at parents and carers. CareerPilot is a free website helping 11—19 year olds in the South of England plan their future study and work and has a lot of useful information for young people and parents. The CareerPilot Parent Zone can help you as a parent/carer get answers to the career questions you want to ask, about:

  • Choices at 14, 16 and 18;
  • Further Education College;
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships;
  • Higher Education (including HE provided at local colleges);
  • Job sectors and growth;
  • How to fund study and further support for you.

You can access the Parent Zone from the CareerPilot home page or through the direct web address https://www.careerpilot.org.uk/parent-zone



Work Experience

Work experience will help our students decide if the role or industry is somewhere they could see themselves in the future. In our current lockdown, we do not wish our students to miss this opportunity so we will continue to advertise anything suitable that comes up.
Here are just some of the reasons for taking up work experience:
  • developing transferable skills, such as communication and team working
  • understanding how organisations work or bringing a job they have read about to life
  • building confidence in interacting with adults
  • confirming interest in a career or (equally useful!) deciding it is not for them
  • a foot in the door – if they impress the employer they may be asked back on a more formal arrangement such as an internship or encouraged to apply when vacancies arise.
  • providing valuable content for a UCAS personal statement to give evidence of an interest in a particular subject/occupation



An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience and get paid.
You’re an employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave. By the end of an apprenticeship, you’ll have the right skills and knowledge needed for your chosen career. It can take between one and six years to complete an apprenticeship depending on which one you choose, what level it is and your previous experience. It’s funded from contributions made by the government and your employer and you have to be over 16 years old to become an apprentice.

Click here to visit the GOV.UK site and find out about: Apprenticeships

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