Every day at Magna, our tutors check that students have the right equipment with them because it is essential that students are fully prepared and equipped to learn. For this reason, we ask parents and carers to support their child in ensuring they are organised and bring the correct equipment into the academy each morning. We work hard to ensure all students are fully equipped. We provide equipment for Pupil Premium students, as well as other families that may have short-term financial worries.

Click here: Uniform and Equipment Explained video

Equipment can either be purchased from the academy at our student reception before line-ups in the morning, break or lunch times or from an outlet of your choice.

If a student’s equipment is incomplete, we will contact home informing parents and carers of what items are missing. If this should occur again, another text message will be sent and the student will be issued with a sanction point. We want to encourage our students to develop strong personal organisation skills and, if they are missing equipment for a third time, their tutor will call home and a 30-minute detention will be issued.

The vast majority of our students get into good habits quickly. However, if equipment problems persist then the relevant Head of Year will contact the student’s home. While we would rather not have to issue sanctions and detentions such as these, there does have to be a consequence when students do not adhere to academy rules.

If any items are misplaced or broken, replacements can be bought at Student Reception for the following prices:

Items available from Reception team Price
30cm long, clear plastic pencil case £1.00 each
30cm ruler £0.50 each
Protractor £0.20 each
Safe Compass (optional) £2.50 each
Compass £0.50 each

The full list of essential equipment required by every student can be found here.



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We are proud of the way our students wear our uniform, they take great pride in their appearance and show a real sense of belonging…


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