The curriculum at Magna Academy is grounded in the strongest available evidence about how students learn and retain knowledge in the long term. We focus in particular on research from cognitive science.

Cognitive science suggests that students ought to learn the concepts that come up repeatedly. These are the unifying ideas of each discipline.


It is important for curriculum planning to know that it is easier to remember material if we already know something about the topic. We are better able to understand new information and to remember it, if it has meaning.

Planning a curriculum, which draws the threads between the overarching ideas and the detail, is the key to unlock the present distance between what is taught and what is remembered. We need to find the stories in the curriculum, we need to think about how we ensure that the information moves from the short-term into the long-term memory and we need to provide opportunities for students to revisit the key concepts.

You can access each of the subjects in our curriculum by clicking on any one of the links you see on the right side of this page.

Our Curriculum Overview documents can be accessed by clicking on the individual subjects in the list below:

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