If you need to speak with a more senior member of staff regarding your child, that cannot be dealt with by their tutor, then please do contact their head of year. We do this to ensure there is consistency and oversight of important issues. In this way, if there are common patterns or trends of concern, it is more likely that they will be observed early and that remedial action can quickly be taken. Our primary interest in designing this way of working is your child’s continued education, welfare and happiness at Magna Academy.

Please click on the relevant Head of Year name below to open your own local email service on your device.

Please note:
Our contact management strategy is designed to ensure that individual members of staff can maximise their teaching time during the Academy day. This, in turn, maximises the learning benefit to students. Contacts will be responded to within 24 hours during term time wherever possible.

Year Groups Head of Year
Sixth Form Mrs Biddle
Years 10 & 11 Mrs Huggett
Years 8 & 9 Miss Ridge
Year 7 Miss Spicer

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