Summer 2021

As an academy, and as part of the Aspirations Academies Trust, we ensure that we have a strong body of supportive evidence behind how our subject teachers and leaders decide upon our Year 11 and Year 13 students Centre Assessed Grades (CAG’s).

This evidence draws upon a combination of the following:

  • Classwork and homework pre National lockdown
  • Remote learning during National lockdown – live lessons, google classwork & homework
  • Class discussions – pre National lockdown and during live lessons
  • Assessments pre National lockdown
  • Assessment activities during the National lockdown
  • Progress checks during the National lockdown

In order to give greater validity and reliability to how Magna Academy generates it’s students CAGs, we participate in a robust moderation process at Trust level. This takes place after our own internal subject moderation.

This robust scrutiny ensures that a thorough process of accountability takes place at all stages. Trust moderation takes place in the form of three scheduled ‘Progress Checks’ (assessments). This process of awarding CAGs takes into consideration what our students would most likely have achieved at the end of their course, had there been no disruption to their learning and they had sat their final public examinations, eliminating further disadvantage. In addition, we use our prior success and experience during public examination series to support these decisions.

Summer 2020

We are proud of the final grades that were awarded to both our Year 11 and Year 13 students at the end of the academic year.

Click here: Magna Academy GCSE Results 2020

These outcomes were a combination of the Academy’s CAG’s and the Department for Education (DfE) Algorithm, whichever was higher. Our centre assessed grades were based on numerous factors, including two sets of full internal mock examinations. These mock examinations utilised past public examination papers, with mark schemes and grade boundaries, followed by our internal subject moderation process. The final CAGs were then quality assured using mock examinations, teacher projections and compared to our prior track record of examination performance. Final CAGs were quality assured by members of the Senior Leadership Team and our Regional CEO/wider trust members.

As the outcomes from summer 2020 for Year 11 and 13 were not generated by a public examination series, there are no published performance tables for this cohort by the DFE. Despite this our Year 11 students performed in line with the recent Year 11 cohorts. Our A Level outcomes for Year 13 were the strongest in Magna’s history, as we had projected they would be before the pandemic. Our Academy Value Added score was +0.30 with an Attainment grade B. 100% of students achieved a C+, 53% B+ and 31% A*/A, giving Magna Academy an overall ALPs score graded as 1. ALPs is an external organisation that analyses school data across the country. A score of 1 is the highest you can achieve and means your students in that cohort have made ‘outstanding’ progress.

Progress 8

Progress 8 is the main performance measure used by the government, to indicate how a school is performing academically at the end of Year 11.

Under Progress 8, a student’s results are compared to the achievements of other students nationally who have the same starting point at the beginning of Year 7. The Progress 8 measure is aimed at measuring the progress of students across a selected set of 8 subjects, including English and Maths.

A score of 0.1 would mean that a student has, on average across the 8 counted subjects, one subject that is a grade higher than expected. A score of 1.0 therefore means that students have on average achieved a grade higher than national expectations across all subjects.

Key Stage 4 Summer 2019 Examination Results

Magna Academy’s 2018-2019 Progress 8 score of +1.16 placed us within the top 20 schools nationally, out of over 3000 state funded schools and top in the South West. This placed Magna Academy within the top 1% of schools nationally for the progress that our students make. A Progress 8 score of 0 is average across the country.

Magna Academy was judged to be outstanding in all areas by Ofsted in both June 2015 and December 2018, who commented that ‘students make exceptional progress’ and ‘students are really proud to be members of the Academy.’

Key Stage 4 results for the past four academic years can be found here.

Key Stage 5 Summer 2019 Examination Results

Over the past three years our academic results within Key Stage 5 have significantly improved. In 2019 all of our students passed their A Level courses, with 59% of the grades achieved at least at grade C and 39% A* to B. 87% of the cohort continued on to Higher education after completing their Level 3 courses.

Key Stage 5 results for the past three academic years can be found here.

Further Key Stage 4 and 5 results data can be found here:
Department for Education’s Performance tables website.

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