Our vision is to deliver an authentic education for the 21st century for students between the age of 11 and18.

The aim of our curriculum is to ensure that all students are inspired with a passion for learning and achieve high levels of academic success in a broad range of subjects whilst at the same time equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to play an active and successful role in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing world.


The values that underpin the curriculum delivered at Magna Academy are to provide an authentic and immersive education for the world today with core knowledge as the critical foundation so that all students can build upon their understanding and excel as they move throughout their time with us. To this end, the curriculum allows for the development of the knowledge, skills and qualifications required for progression to the next stage of the journey – be that choosing options subjects, equipping students for the rigour of Sixth Form study, or the transition into higher education.

Additionally, all Magna Academy students learn in a challenging, engaging and supportive environment through a well-thought-out curriculum, which encourages creativity, celebrates diversity and utilises the knowledge, skills and cultural experiences of the local community.

At Magna Academy, all staff think about curriculum at three levels. The first is the intended curriculum – what we intend students to learn. Subject specialists at Magna set out this detail meticulously, drawing on academic knowledge, the national curriculum and experience of what is necessary to flourish in their discipline. The second level is the implemented curriculum; the resources teachers use to deliver the curriculum.

An example of these are the knowledge organisers and bespoke booklets that teachers write for each subject and year group. Finally, we emphasise the importance of the enacted curriculum, where our highly skilled teachers bring all of this knowledge to life in a way that will be meaningful and exciting for the students that they know well.

Magna Academy has considered the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required to achieve academic excellence in each subject. Deep learning must be a goal of the curriculum, with students able to retain and transfer learning.

For this to occur adequate time on topics must be mapped out to achieve genuine accumulation of learning. We plan for mastery over time, providing repetition and revision for deeper understanding, so knowledge is retained and not forgotten. Our students need an explanation of why they are covering this topic now, how it connects with what they have done before and how it connects with what will come later.

The curriculum at Magna Academy is grounded in the strongest evidence about how students learn and retain knowledge in the long term – focusing in particular on research from cognitive science. Cognitive science suggests that students ought to learn the concepts that come up repeatedly – the unifying ideas of each discipline.

We are confident that this approach offers a truly ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum to all students. We believe that this will inspire students to go on and excel in their chosen field, providing the widest range of opportunities for their future.

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