Enrichment at Magna Academy provides an opportunity for you to extend your learning outside of the standard curriculum offer. It also provides you with many new and different experiences. Enrichment opportunities increase your motivation, achievements and supports retention. Valuable links within the local community promote our academy to prospective students and parents, which fosters a sense of community and cohesion within our academy.

At Magna there are many enrichment opportunities organised before, during and at the end of the academy day (as well as opportunities for residential trips). Students will develop essential skills including teamwork, practical work and creative opportunities that will encourage problem solving and communication.

Many enrichment opportunities will see you representing Magna Academy, whether it is for a sporting team, competing in the maths challenge or being part of a STEAM project. What is offered to you may change throughout the year, most likely termly. Some activities will run for the duration of the year.

Benefits from being involved in Magna’s enrichment programme:

  • Exposure to new interests and experiences – giving you the opportunity to branch out, trying things that they may not have considered before.
  • Curiosity for further learning – giving the opportunity to explore an interest in greater detail, it could also allow you to see a different perspective on understanding.
  • Identify and nurture new and existing talent – you may find a new talent in an area that you had not considered previously. This can inspire you in other aspects of your life.

The Magna Enrichment programme can also:

  • Reduce anxiety – enrichment activities can allow you to relieve stress and support you when coping with pressures from the standard curriculum.
  • Improve social skills – during enrichment activities you may work with students from outside your friendship group or even a different year group. This will increase your social circle and develop communication skills and self-esteem.
  • Offer real life experiences – This will allow you to apply knowledge you have learned to real life situations, broadening your understanding and application.
  • Increase confidence in personal abilities – taking part in enrichment activities allows you to develop personally, identifying traits that you didn’t know you hand and apply personal skills that may not be required within the standard curriculum offer.

When taking part in enrichment activities, you have the opportunity to grow personally, develop further knowledge and skills, as well as contributing to a more cohesive community. Your attendance to enrichment activities will earn house points that will go towards a variety of rewards throughout the academic year.

OUR Enrichment Week

Students had the opportunity to sign up for enrichment activities during tutor/DEAR time at the beginning of the Autumn term. However, if they would like to attend any club that they haven’t signed up for, students can still attend that activity and will be added to the register at that point.

For a short description of each of the enrichment activities, click here.

Day Activity Location Time Year Group

Homework Club G34 3-4pm All year groups
Library Games Library Lunchtime All year groups
5-a-side Football Sports Hall 3-4pm Selected students

Cooking Club G123 3-4pm Years 7-9
BTEC Catch Up G106 3-4pm Enterprise students
Keyboard Club G73 Lunchtime All year groups
Textiles Club G125 3-4pm Years 7 & 8 (max 12)
Athletics Club Sports Field/Astro 3-4pm All year groups
German Club Library 3-4pm All year groups
Violin Group G73 Lunchtime All year groups
Table Top Games Club G107 3-4pm All year groups

Cricket Club Sports Field 3-4pm All year groups
Tennis Club Tennis Courts 3-4pm All year groups
Vocal Group G73 Lunchtime All year groups
Drama RA PA Studio 3-4pm Year 11
Modern Art Painting Club F69 3-4pm All year groups
History Club F53 3-4pm All year groups
Sparx Club F53 3-4pm All year groups
STEM Club  G104 3-4pm All year groups
Thursday Rounders Club Sports Field 3-4pm All year groups
High Flyers PE Dept 3-4pm Selected students
Guitar Club G73 3-4pm All year groups
Music RA G73 3-4pm Year 11
Friday Just Dance PA Studio Lunchtime All year groups
Drama RA PA Studio 3-4pm Year 10
Dance RA PA Studio 3-4pm Year 10
Music Production G73 Lunchtime All year groups


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