This is a very important time in the life of any student preparing for a variety of year group assessments, mocks or final course exams. In support, thorough revision is essential if students are to be successful in any examination.

We recommend that revision be completed over an extended period of time to be effective and give the best possible experience and outcome.

Our effective revision resources give instructional advice about the best ways for students to revise to effectively store and retrieve information, along with helpful tips and information for parents.

Google Classroom

We have created an Effective Revision Google Classroom that all students have been invited to join. In support, subject teams will be uploading revision material directly onto their Google Classroom pages. Students will be able to access this using their Google Classroom accounts.

As part of our Personal Development Curriculum, Tutors and Teachers will also be leading effective revision based sessions to complement the revision that students will be completing at home.

We have listed below a series of instruction video clips to help students, of any year group, get started straight away. All of them are available in the Effective Revision section of Google Classroom.

  • The Importance of Revision
  • Revision Timetables for Exam Success
  • Learning strategies for Exam Success
  • Revision Techniques for Exam Success
  • Exam Technique for Exam Success
  • Mind-set & Managing Exam Stress
  • Diet & Nutrition for Exam Success
  • Physical Activity for Exam Success
  • Sleep, Rest & Recovery for Exam Success
  • Advice for Parents/Carers to Support Exam Success


Raising Attainment Programme

In addition, and just for Year 11, we provide our long established Raising Attainment Programme. This provides students with out-of-hour opportunities to revise with subject specialists. Students will also gain additional support within DEAR for further subject revision intervention.


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