As students of Magna Academy, it is important that you have a say about different aspects of academy life. You all have the ability to be leaders. Having the opportunity to voice your opinion is incredibly character building and rewarding.

Student voice is an integral part of the academy ethos and it allows you to build a legacy of improvement for future students.

All of you are encouraged to take up a position of leadership while at Magna. This could be anything from captaining a school team through to standing for election as Student President.


Student Voice and Leadership Structure

Student PresidentsFour Year 13 students
Student Vice PresidentsTwo Year 12 students
Head PrefectsTwo Year 11 students
Deputy Head PrefectsTwo Year 11 students
House CaptainsTwo Year 10 students from each of our three Houses
Sports CaptinsFour students from each year group
Tutor RepresentativesOne student from each Tutor Group in each Year Group
Anti-Bullying ChampionsStudents from each Year Group across each of our three Houses

The application process for these positions will differ for different roles, from being voted-in by your tutor group to a formal application process for Student President. Your attendance at different meetings, will be required and the ability to share your own and opinions of others is paramount.

Having a position of responsibility within the academy will require a commitment to the Magna community. In some cases, there will be an expectation on you to support events. You will also be expected to support some formal evenings, to speak in assemblies and to communicate with students from different year groups.

We place a strong emphasis on developing our student leaders to be role models who show intellectual curiosity and a spirit of adventure. You will be role models in lessons, in other aspects of academy life and outside the academy as well. Student leaders set good examples to their fellow peers, influencing them through their positive actions.

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