Aspirations Trust

2019-06-20 - Website Page Headers - Our Trust

As a sponsor of primary and secondary age academies in England, Aspirations Trust is committed to raising students’ aspirations so that all young people reach their fullest potential and achieve the success they want for themselves.

It provides the opportunity for schools to develop into outstanding academies centred on the highly successful Aspirations Framework, whilst at the same time acting as global demonstration sites that emphasise the powerful impact raising aspirations can have on student achievement and development.

Aspirations Trust core belief is that, for all students to have high aspirations, they must:

  • believe in themselves,
  • be actively engaged in their learning,
  • see the connection between what they learn today and who they want to become tomorrow. 

The innovative Aspirations Framework outlines how to recognise and develop students' aspirations, while trusting in the professional judgment of educators to decide what concrete actions are best for their school. 

The framework is a research-based set of principles and conditions, yet does not provide a prescription for implementation, ultimately senior managers, teachers, and students must guide decisions about how best to realise the Aspirations Framework in their own Academy.

The combination of the experience and expertise of Aspirations Academies Trust and QISA, along with an Academy’s expertise in its own unique culture is what cultivates a learning environment in which all students are inspired to achieve their very best—personally, socially, and academically

The Aspirations Trust considers that its beliefs and principles are applicable and effective with students from age 3 to 18.

Each stage of a child’s education is extremely important - pre-school, primary and secondary - and should, where possible, be coherent across the phases of education in the practice of developing the principles and conditions central to the beliefs and aims of the Trust.

For this reason, the Aspirations Academies Trust, wherever it is suitable, aims to develop  all-through (Ages 3-18) Academy Districts, with pre-school, primary and secondary academies working coherently together. 

At whatever stage a child joins an Aspirations Academy, whether it is at the age of three or sixteen, the aim is to provide each individual child with the best possible life chance. This is done through the achievement of the highest level of qualifications, the development of skills essential to success in an inter-connected and highly competitive world, as well as encouraging the highest aspirations, expecting every student to gain a place at university or enter skilled employment. 

At the core of the education provision at Aspirations Academies is outstanding teaching, high quality learning, effective support systems, an emphasis on traditional high standards of behaviour, attitude and uniform, rigorous systems of accountability, monitoring and evaluation, and an innovative and relevant curriculum.

Students and staff are continually challenged to perform at their highest level within a creative culture of positivity, innovation and enthusiasm for success.

Everyone is expected to take personal responsibility to become a lifelong learner. Great emphasis is placed on developing high levels of self-worth,  engagement and a sense of purpose: the Three Guiding Principles that underpin student aspirations. Each Aspirations Academy is a school fit for the 21st century, where young people complete their school education well-prepared for success in the modern world.