Our vision and culture

At Magna Academy Poole, we are passionate about excellence in education. We aim to give students the very best start in life with a firm belief that excellent teaching transforms lives.
If you would ever like to come into the Academy during school hours then we would love to show you our 'Academy In Action'. We will take you on a fully guided tour, on which you will see how our community operates. We are fully transparent because we want you to experience for yourself what a working day at Magna truly involves.
You will find a link to our Booking Form in the left-hand column of this web page.
Our core belief is that, for all students to have high aspirations, they must:
  • Believe in themselves
  • Be actively engaged in their learning
  • See the connection between what they learn today and who they want to become tomorrow
We teach a highly challenging academic curriculum for all students. We are unapologetically ambitious for every child, no
matter what:
  • their background
  • their prior attainment
  • their needs
Everything we do at Magna is driven by this, so that our students can leave Magna with the best set of qualifications possible. We want them to leave us as well-rounded young people, having maximised their life chances under our care.
This vision is outlined in our Mission Statement:
  • Highest aspirations
    Students, staff, the Academy and the community will live up to the expectations placed upon them.
  • Every child
    All children can be successful, regardless of their background.
  • Purpose
    We do not dwell on barriers. We look for solutions. Every excuse is a step on the road tofailure. Everyone succeeds here.
We operate a ‘no excuses’ and a ‘growth mindset’ philosophy. We believe that every child can achieve, no matter what their starting point.

The vision

We wish to create a ‘scholarly culture of excellence’, that permeates everyday life at Magna. Students learn about the ‘Magna
Mindset’ in tutor time and assemblies, and putting it into practice every day.
At Magna, every decision and action taken is done so with the aim to ensure that every student can climb their personal mountain to university, or equally aspirational alternative, so they are able to eventually thrive in a top job and have a great life.
The Aspirations Trust core purpose is to develop young people with the aspirations, skills, qualities and high-level qualifications
that will enable them to be the very best they can be, enabling them to compete on a global stage. To achieve this in a highly complex and ever-changing world, we have to ensure that our educational provision is always relevant, innovative, evolves in response to changing needs and provides an outstanding education for all our students.
The Trust’s three guiding principles underpin our vision; 
  • Self-Worth
  • Engagement
  • Purpose
As such, we believe that Magna is a ’grammar school for all’, taking the best of grammar school ethos and emphasis on:
  • Strict discipline
  • Smart school uniforms
  • Academic rigour
  • Qualifications
  • Aspirations
  • Effort
but making it available to all children without selection. We are benchmarking our standards and curriculum against leading independent schools.
All of our students will now sit the Independent Schools Examination Board 13+ Exams at the end of Year 8, as part of their ‘flight path’ to success at GCSE. This helps to ensure that our students are exposed to the same rigorous challenge and knowledge as their peers at leading independent schools.
To help drive us forward, we have adopted four ‘Mantras’ that underpin our vision. You can click on any of these Mantras to learn more about them. They are: