Year 8

Y8 Established Growth

Established Growth

After a year at Magna Academy, our students should now be completely familiar with how our community works together. They should have a good mental map of where everything is around the school and what is expected of them from staff and their peers. In short, they will be fully equipped with all they need to know about life at secondary school.
Year 8 Information Evening Presentation (18 October 2017)
Having established themselves as Magna students, now is the time for real growth. It is a year of transition into becoming a young adult, with some adult decisions to make. They will be asked to make some important choices about the subjects they plan to study for their GCSEs – the first major step toward their future careers.
At Magna, we expect all our Year 8 students to use their time wisely and to act as role models for the new Year 7 intake. Year 8s should now be building on the positive relationships they have with their peers and the Academy staff.