Year 11

The Exam Countdown Clock above is a graphic reminder to us that we all need to make full use of our time, which can so easily slip through our fingers unless we manage its use. It is all too easy to put off study because there is something else that we have told ourselves is 'more important' or 'more pressing'. We all know from experience that putting off study simply piles up the 'time debt' into the future. And that is never a good place to be.

Accelerating Progress

As Year 11 continue to prepare for their crucial exams in the Summer term, we have put together a number of links and resources to help both parents and students prepare for this busy and potentially stressful time.

The first of these is our timetable for Saturday Academy and Raising Attainment sessions, which you can access here:

Y11 Saturday Academy and Raising Attainment Sessions

Please also go to the Subjects section of this website to find your subject-specific revision resources. On the left side of this page, there are also links to a number of resources designed to help you with everything from creating a revision timetable to dealing with stress.

We will be continuing to add information to these pages as frequently as we can, so keep checking the website to see what other resources are available. If you want more or different content links featured here then please tell your Tutor.