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Welcome to the Options section of the Magna website.

Under the extraordinary conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to host our Options Evening event for students and their families on 26 March as we had planned to do. Which left us with a challenge. How to bring the Options Evening to you instead? 

Well, here we are. The Open Evening presentation that I would have made to you in the Main Hall is now offered to you as a series of six short videos, each presented on its own web page. You will see these pages listed in the left hand navigation bar of this page, marked Chapters 1-6.

Please take time, and time with your parents and carers too, to watch these videos carefully. Rewatch them as much as you need to but please don't stop watching until you gain a full understanding of what these options mean for you personally.

Also on these pages, in the left-hand navigation bar, you will find links to important documents you will need in selecting your options. Our Options booklet is an interactive PDF, meaning there are links between pages and clickable links from the PDF to this website. All is explained in my introduction within the booklet itself.

Good luck with your decision making. Stay safe at home and we will see one another very soon.


Mr C Buller
Assistant Principal