At Magna Academy, we share a purpose with parents and carers:

  • to educate,
  • to keep children safe from harm and
  • to have their children's welfare promoted

We are totally committed to working with parents and carers positively, openly and honestly.

We ensure that all parents/carers are treated with respect, dignity and courtesy. We respect parents'/carers' rights to privacy and confidentiality, so we will not share any sensitive information until we have express permission or when it becomes necessary to protect a child.

Magna Academy will share with parents and carers any concerns we may have about their child unless doing so might place a child at risk of harm.

Magna Academy encourages all parents/carers to disclose any concerns they may have with us. We make parents aware of our Safeguarding and Child Proection Policies (click here to access the Our Policies page on this website).

Information about Safeguarding is readily available and highly visible in the Academy and we have links with the local community through our Pastoral Team that promote the welfare and safeguarding of students.

Should your child have a safeguarding/child protection file set up here, it will be kept by the Academy and will be transferred to any subsequent school. If there is no subsequent school, the file will be kept until your child attains the age of 25.

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