Futures Online

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I would like to share a new initiative called Magna Futures Online.

This initiative was tentatively started last term with a letter to parents and an item in the Futures Newsletter, but I now want to properly share this initiative with all of you and our students. 

As teachers know, the very best futures-focused education involves students being able to learn from employers, academics and admission tutors about their jobs, courses and different pathways.

The Coronavirus pandemic means that currently we cannot invite people in to the Academy so we have turned everything around and ensured that the provision has instead gone online.

In fact, a positive development from lockdown is the number of videos and live events that employers, universities and other providers are offering towards futures education.

Magna Futures Online will recommend opportunities to students and will provide them with the links to easily access these events. We hope you like it and that your children find it empowering in considering all the available pathways open to them.


Katie Stafford

Mrs Stafford
Assistant Principal, Futures & Community