On Tuesday 30 April, students in Year 7 were lucky enough to take part in a forensics outreach session run by Bournemouth University.  Students were given an introduction into the world of forensic science before exploring some of the aspects of the undergraduate course run by the university.  After the introduction, students were then given the scenario; the untimely demise of an individual with 3 potential perpetrators in the frame.  Was it the best friend who had been recently cast aside for the victim’s new wife?  Was it the wife herself, jealous of the relationship between the deceased and the best friend?  Was it a third party committing the dastardly deed in the furtherance of another crime?

Students worked in small groups to investigate and probe the evidence with each group supported by a senior investigator (a member of the university staff).  They examined footprints left at the scene, comparing them to footwear items taken from the suspects at the time of their detention.  They then examined handwriting samples from the suspects and compared them to a note found at the scene.  Thumbprints lifted from a mug broken at the scene, presumably smashed in the struggle were examined against prints taken from the suspects and finally fibres from the scene were compared against those found on those arrested.

Students then had a chance to interview those arrested before making their final decisions as to who the evidence pointed to.  The majority of groups were able to crack the case and the evidence was compelling…it was the jealous wife wot dunnit!  Magna students represented themselves brilliantly as always and the feedback from all adults involved were that they were polite, engaged and motivated.  Keep an eye on your email inboxes for more STEM opportunities coming soon!

Mr Barrett

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