We are pleased to announce the Head and Deputy Head Prefects for Magna Academy, academic year 2023/24

Connie T and Ryan C should be congratulated for their appointment to the role of Head Prefect, with the support, commitment and collaboration of newly selected Deputy Head Prefects, Anya W and Ephram M.

These students conducted themselves impeccably throughout an intensive process including a written application, an interview with our Associate Principal, campaigning statements during house husting assemblies and a student and staff vote. We are very excited to see their passion towards the roles and look forward to seeing their ideas implemented across the academy.

We would like to also thank all of the fifteen students who originally applied for these roles. This was an incredibly strong field of candidates and each and every student involved should be incredibly proud of the way in which they portrayed themselves throughout the entirety of this process.

We would like to wish Connie, Ryan, Anya and Ephram all the best for their future positions. We are quite simply delighted by the outcome of this years’ election process and we just can’t wait to see you grow in confidence and realise your potential whilst working alongside you next year.

Mr Ginger

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