The Magna Academy Cook Off 2023 really did take things up a notch. We have had an absolutely fantastic couple of weeks with the 2023 Cook Off. 26 participants all competed for the eye-catching prizes, high number of house points and the prestige of being Magna’s top chef in 2023. We knew we were in for a treat when the preliminary rounds were all of such a high quality, displaying the sheer amount of talented young chefs that we have at the academy.

The final saw the 10 selected students from last weeks preliminary rounds battling it out for the top prize. Over 15 staff members were lucky enough to taste the mouth-watering dishes on offer, with every single dish impressing in its own way. Oliver Mason (Talbot) was awarded 1st place (30HAPs) for his Cottage Pie, 2nd (20 HAPs) went to Maisy Mitton (Anning) for her street food inspired Tacos and 3rd place (10 HAPs) was Kieran Ingham (Talbot) for his upside down crumble. Well done to each and every participant from the last couple of weeks, and special thanks goes to Mrs Huggett and Miss Veale for making this competition so successful!

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