Each year every student in the top sets across Years 7-11 and the A Level mathematicians are given the opportunity to take part in the UKMT Maths challenge. In early October, Year 11 and the Sixth Form mathematicians sat the Senior Maths Challenge.

The first round challenge is a 90 minute, 25 multiple choice question paper. The problems on the Senior Maths Challenge are designed to make students think, providing stimulating problems which involve approaches which may be very different from those they work with during normal lessons. We were very successful with 11 Bronze and 1 Gold Award. Arnav S in Year 13 who got the Gold Award and qualified for the follow on ‘Andrew Jobbings Senior Kangaroo’ Challenge scoring a very respectable 40 points.

This is the best performance at the Senior Maths Challenge in Magna’s history.

Mr Stoddart

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