To access the curriculum statement for Science at Magna Academy, please click on the image to the right. Magna Books Template Science

From Year 7 to Year 11, learners will follow the AQA Combined Science Trilogy GCSE programme. We also use aspects of the OUP Activate course with Years 7 and 8, to ensure key scientific concepts (we consider them ‘threshold concepts’) are embedded to give a solid scientific basis to GCSE courses.

We ensure that all students experience a knowledge-rich science curriculum, which is taught to the top, with our jobs as teachers to be to support students getting there. At the end of Year 11, students will receive a combined science grade equivalent to two GCSEs. We are also developing a Separate Science pathway, to allow students to gain GCSEs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

What will I do?

Learners will cover a variety of skills across physics, chemistry and biology. They will also have the chance to do practical work to complement the scientific concepts and theories they are learning.

What is the expectation of homework?

All homework is set in line with the whole school policy. This will give ample opportunity for learners to complete their homework and seek support if they are struggling with it. We do a mix of self-quizzing from our knowledge organisers (to make sure key basic knowledge is fully embedded), exam questions (to make students have lots of opportunity to apply their knowledge), and Tassomai (a high quality programme which creates a personalised experience for each student).

What support and guidance will I be given?

We are working to offer a programme of support across the different year groups which would include interventions and drop in sessions with various members of science staff. This is to complement learning and help consolidate key concepts. You will also be given revision resources to complement your learning towards the end of the unit.

How will I be assessed?

Throughout Year 7 to 11 learners will be assessed regularly through 100 question knowledge tests, GCSE past exam questions and papers. This allows us to spot gaps in knowledge, and act on it through building in retrieval tasks of key content in our homeworks and lessons.

What other opportunities exist outside of class?

We offer opportunities through science extra-curricular clubs including Biomed club and STEM Challenge, where our students work towards solving specific problems in a wider STEM context.

What equipment do I need to be successful?

We expect all of the learners at Magna to attend their lessons with the correct equipment so that their learning is not affected. All learners should have pens, pencils, a ruler, a rubber and a scientific calculator (preferably Casio fx-85GT Plus).
They are also required to purchase the specified textbooks, which are listed below;


OUP, AQA GCSE Biology Student Book (Third Edition) ISBN-10: 0198359373
OUP, AQA GCSE Chemistry Student Book (Third Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0198359388
OUP, AQA GCSE Physics Student Book (Third Edition) ISBN-13: 978-0198359395


CGP, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: AQA Revision Guide with Online Edition Higher (ISBN-13: 978-1782945598)
CGP, New Grade 9-1 GCSE Combined Science: AQA Revision Guide with Online Edition – Foundation (ISBN-13: 978-1782945604)