Our vision is to inspire every student into becoming healthy active individuals, that engage in all activities when in the Academy and beyond. Through our PE Curriculum we hope to light a flame that allows each student to reach or exceed their potential, driven by purpose rather than outcome. Alongside skill development, we aspire to grow character and encourage our students to support each other by developing resilience, ambition and leadership. PE is fun and we aim to foster the lifelong love for physical activity.


We aim to create the very best experience for all of our students irrelevant of their individual ability levels. We challenge them to act, think and respond as those would working within this sector. We do this by developing the students’ leadership skills, qualities and responsibilities within a practical setting. Our curriculum is designed to be inclusive, enjoyable and at the same time develop and stimulate the students; physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. For those relishing the challenge of competitive sport, we compete in Poole and East Dorset School Sports Association (PEDSSA) competitions.

The PE curriculum provides an equal opportunity of learning experiences in games, gymnastics, dance, athletics and outdoor education. Students will be encouraged to take on different roles and enjoy physical activity as performers, coaches and officials. Our knowledge rich curriculum underpins the importance of student development through Key Stage 3, allowing students to select one of the qualifications we offer with PE at Key Stage 4. The main focus of our Core PE programme is to target different sports and activities which promote the benefits of being physically active beyond their secondary years.


Collaborative curriculum planning is at the heart of what we do as a department, individual lessons, medium and long term plans are structured to allow students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills within a physical education environment. The learning environment is appropriate to the age, maturity and skill level of the students. Expectations are high in terms of achievement, discipline, behaviour and dress. The atmosphere of lessons is such that students gain confidence in physical activity in a safe environment where student success is positively reinforced.

It is important that we build on core skills, knowledge and the principles learned at KS2, our broad and balanced curriculum allow for key fundamentals are consolidated in a number of different sports and activities. For those students who chose not to study a qualification at Key Stage 4, there is a need to ensure PE is enjoyable so physical activity continues throughout the lives.

Students will regularly work in group situations. In many areas the emphasis is on competition, where students are encouraged to be cooperative and tolerant of each other in order to achieve their goal. In all situations empathy is paramount where students cater to the needs of their peers. Through performance, students will be encouraged to recognise the strengths and areas to develop of themselves and others.

Physical education Curriculum Overview
Physical Education Age Related Expectations
Physical Education Assessment Journey


Our curriculum reflects such a variety of sports and activities that student engagement is high. In Key Stage 3 we build the foundations of knowledge, discipline and core leadership skills and values, many of which are showcased when hosting a number of different sporting events at the Academy. Lesson structure supports the constant retrieval of knowledge, more formally in Key Stage 4. The use of knowledge organisers, self-quizzing and low stakes knowledge tests are used to identify common misconceptions, in order to inform future planning.

As students’ progress through the Academy they will be encouraged to adopt a positive attitude to activity and healthy living, motivating them to fulfil their sporting potential both within the Academy and through leisure opportunities and clubs in the local community. As students enter Year 10 and 11 they are expected to take an active role in their physical education by choosing from various options provided in the curriculum.

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