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At Magna Academy, our vision as a History Department is to inspire a love of learning in our students and prepare them for success in the current world.
We share fascinating stories of individuals’ courage, resilience, kindness and stoicism, as well as stories of cruelty and tyranny in order to provide our students with role models and a sense of perspective. We also want our students to understand how the past has shaped the present, and do this by studying themes such as religion, government and migration over time.
We believe that it is our duty to equip students with the knowledge of how society’s problems have been dealt with in the past to help them deal with the issues of today.

What will I learn?

In Years 7 & 8, all students have four History lessons a fortnight in which the knowledge and skills required for success at GCSE start to be developed. We will learn about:
· The Norman Conquest
· The Renaissance
· The Tudors
· The Stuarts
· The British Empire
· The Slave Trade
· The Industrial Revolution
· World War One
· World War Two
By giving our younger students a broad overview of key themes and events both globally and nationally we ensure that they are prepared for both the depth and the breadth studies at GCSE which begins in year 9. We study the AQA syllabus with the following units:
· Health and the People
· The Norman Conquest
· Democracy and Dictatorship: Weimar and Nazi Germany
· Conflict and Tension: the Cold War in Asia

What support and guidance will I be given?

The History team will teach the skills needed to be successful and will provide ample opportunity for the students to practice and hone their exam skills. In addition, there are regular drop-in sessions to provide support with key ideas and concepts and an intervention programme for year 11 to give additional guidance prior to the examinations.